Team Deathray – Letter 2


Oh man, I almost thought you were serious there for a moment. Then you went and eluded to yourself being a physical threat to my sister’s – your wife’s – well-being and I was all like, “This dude and his personality are just SO flappin’ adorable!” Seriously, could I get a side of organic vegan buffalo sauce because I could just EAT YOU UP! Metaphorically, of course. You’d actually be way too difficult to chew on account of all your muscles.

All kidding aside though, volleyball  was a splendid time, right? Cold beverages, a gentle breeze and the sun shining. I know you didn’t get to enjoy the sun as much as I did because of that beach volleyball-specific full-body-onesie you had on, but I loved it. Where did you even get that thing? HAHA! Sure, we only went 8 and 2, but those 2 games were really close and we tried SO hard, despite being a wee bit under the influence. Your whole being upset act was HILARIOUS, though. You almost even CONNECTED with some of those wild hay-makers.

Two things before I’m off to yoga: Firstly, you’ve probably noticed a box that arrived earlier today from Fed-Ex. Well, my sister told me how much you loooove barbecue, so I rustled up some of my famous barbecue tempeh strips. Everyone in my hackey-sack club absolutely loves them, so undoubtedly you will, too.

Secondly, the clan (that’s the silly name we use for our family. Haha, like it?!) is getting a little drum circle party going tomorrow and OF COURSE we all want you and my sister to come. So bring your best bongo, it should be a totally rad time. Oh, and obviously this means I can’t make it to volleyball practice tomorrow, sorry! If you can’t make it (silly me for organizing on such a short notice) then I’ll see you in a couple days for some V-Ballin’ (haha, I think that’s called “ghetto’izing or something. IDK.).

Much love, my friend.

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