The Open Road – Letter 1

Mr. Miller,

It’s been only 1 day driving with Dan and already I can’t stand him.

I know that the trucking company wanted to “show him the ropes” by having him travel with an obviously experienced trucker, such as myself, but it’s honestly excruciating to deal with him. There are so many ways in which this guy needs to shape up if he wants to ride in the big leagues.

I feel like I’m in some less action-packed, unfunny version of Tango & Cash. And I’m not even too sure which one I’d be in this scenario. I guess Cash, because I’m hoping Dan’s got a hot Teri Hatcher-esque sister I can get with. This is the idea that has got me through the day without strangling him.

Mr. Miller, you know that I have nothing but respect for you. You’ve always had my back, and I appreciate that. However, I’m not too sure how I’m going to make the trip from Miami to Seattle with this guy.

Consider this my first status letter. As discussed, I will be sending these frequently, reporting my progress towards Seattle, and my expert opinion on Dan’s progress. Dan is sitting quietly across from me at this truck stop, penning his letter to you. God only knows what his take on Day 1 is.

I’ll be writing to you soon. Take care, and wish me luck.

– Eddie

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