Common Nonsense – Letter 3


I must admit that I have not made a website of this caliber in a long while. After I read that you do not know much about web design, yet you had specific demands regarding animated gifs and flaming logos, I felt I knew EXACTLY what you were looking for. Please type this into your web browser to view the page:

Also, did you make up that letter? If not, I must say that your advice is pretty brilliant. Allow me to explain.

Last night I was at a bar, minding my own, when I noticed a pretty gal across the way. Normally, I approach and stay respectful, explain that I’m a freelance web-designer, and engage in some small talk. Things go well, but it never really leads to romance. I guess it’s a combination of my job not being all that exciting, my somewhat nervous demeanor, and my profuse sweating.

But last night, I decided to switch things up!

I approached this pretty gal and asked her name. “Susan,” she replied. I said to her, “Susan, I mean no disrespect, but I’ve got a tigerskin caveman outfit at home waiting for just the right lady; and I feel like you’re…that…lady!”

Turns out Susan has a “caveman fetish,” and so we got to shout semantically devoid grunts ALL NIGHT LONG. It was prety wild. And she’s already called me back today!

I really don’t want your advice to be accurate, but…so far so good.

Let me know what you think of the webpage. I feel it perfectly nails everything you think a website should be.

Oh, and send more letters if you got ’em.



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