The Providers – Letter 10


It’s like I always said: if you’ve got 2 peacocks, bring ’em out round the yard and teach ’em how to dance.

ha HA!

Anyway, man, that was crazy. To think that all I needed to provide Dominick was 3 copies of the Farmer’s Almanac from 1985 in order to solve everything. I mean, wow. It’s just uncanny.

But that’s so Dom, man. THAT’S. SO. DOM. He’s just a wiz with all this technical stuff. I never could’ve gotten it right. I’m more of the ideas man, you know?

And the timing couldn’t be any more perfect because Pablo’s coming tonight to get back the extra canaries we stole from his pet shop. But now that all’s well, it’ll be no problem. Remember how he told us “I’m going to MURDER YOU BOTH”? Oh, Pablo. He’s such a character.

Oh wait, you probably don’t remember. That’s the thing: we just discovered today that the Time Machine Mailbox Dom and I invented had the settings all screwed up. You see, we had been mailing you the letters to be delivered in spaced-out increments going forward in time but starting 100 years before we wrote the first letter. Turns out the setting was in reverse. OOPS.

No big deal. It just means that now you’ll be receiving the letters backwards instead of forwards. So. Umm…I guess that actually means when you read this you won’t know anything about what happened yet.

Wait a minute…oh man…this could be bad. OH MAN! That means right now you have no idea who we are or why we’re even writing to you!

Listen, just trust me here: go buy yourself a whole bunch of canaries, ok? It’ll all make sense in the end. I can’t remember what Dom wrote you last time, but hopefully when you get it later this week it’ll help clear things up a bit.

Also, was the Fringclaxitor invented yet in 2010? If not, start eating a whole bunch of bran and hope for the best.

Your pal from the future,

– Greg

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