Old Mates – Letter 1

Dear Vincent,

Hey! It’s sure been a while, huh? By my count, I’d say it’s about 18 to 20 years since we last spoke. Boy, have I missed you, Skinny Vinny. You remember why they called you that, right? It was on account of your calves being about as thick as pool cues! Man, we just laughed and laughed at that nickname. Those sure were the days.

Anyway – uh – what’s new?!

ACTUALLY WAIT LET ME GO FIRST! After high school I eventually finished my degree in Business Administration at Brookdale Community College (home of the Fightin’ Unpaid Interns!), then moved back to Kansas, where I’ve worked for about 7-8 different sales organizations. I’ve been married 3 times (I’m still technically married to the third one), and in my free time – and believe me, there’s plenty of that these days – I like to cook, do Mixed Martial Arts, and follow politics. I happen to be in-between jobs at the moment.

Which leads me to why I’m writing to you today.

I’d like to formally offer you the position of Campaign Manager as I run for Mayor of Fort Scott!

You remember back in high school, when you ran my campaign for freshman class President? Boy, did we ever give the eventual winner a run for their money! You did such a wonderful job with my last campaign, I knew you were the only man I could trust with something so important. We’re 20 years older with 20 years more experience, so we’ll definitely win this time. I know all sorts of political terms now, too. We’ll gerrymander these poots right in the voter-fraud!

And don’t even try to tell me no. I know what “self-employed” really means. You’ve got plenty of time for an ol’ high school chum.

You and me, Skinny Vinny. Fort Scott has seen some dark times as of late, but together we can make a GREAT (fort) SCOTT! (Remember? Back to the Future?!)


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