Dear Mr. So and So,

Hey there. It’s Tim and Mike. Back in January of 2009, we started a blog. This blog to be exact. It was based off an idea Tim had to do improv comedy through writing. We decided we would post correspondences between two characters. A letter would be written by one of us, then built upon by the other in the next letter, and so on.

This was fun and lasted a bit over a year and then stopped. Everyone on earth was very, very sad. You remember that day in 2010 when you were just SO SAD? Sorry guys. That’s our bad.

Over the years, we’ve remained friends…speaking to each other only through our lawyers as we always have. Our lawyers would relay messages to one another about how we really enjoyed the heck out of doing this creative project, and how we often times missed it. So, in 2016, we decided to bring it back to life!

Now that you’ve got the history down, it’s time we talked a little bit more about what the heck this even is in the first place. The first letter of every correspondence is created by getting a random word from a Random Word Generator to serve as inspiration. Then, whatever this made us think of is shaped into a letter and posted. From there, each new letter builds these characters’ hopefully humorous lives.

There is no limit to how long a communique between two characters will last. Well, the limit is once the funny runs out. Once we write something and then go “ummmm, yeah, this ran its course” to each other’s lawyers. So check back often! You never know when new characters may come afoot!

Dear Mr. So and So will be updated twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday. We hope to see you again very soon.

With all the Love in Our Hearts,

Tim and Mike