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Here’s where you can find all the various letters on Dear Mr. So and So. Each correspondence basically boils down to a story-arc between two characters, so be sure to read each from the beginning! Otherwise, it may just sound like a bunch of crazy jibberish. If you started a story and didn’t finish yet, but know where you left off, visit the straight-up archive to find your place.

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Old Mates – 8/9/2016 – present
Description coming soon!

The Providers – 2/23/2010 – 4/7/2010
A man named Bill starts receiving letters from two weirdos 100 years in the future. They have some sort of mailbox time machine that they thought was working fine, but ended up sending Bill their letters in reverse — leaving him having to piece together the story bit by bit in order to help these mysterious strangers.

Common Nonsense – 1/8/2010 – 2/19/2010
Alan is a “genius” at relationship advice, but terrible with computers. So, he decides to write his brother Rich, a graphic artist and web designer, asking for help in designing a website as high-quality as Alan’s advice column. Rich does just this, and Alan lets loose his “helpful tips” on an unsuspecting internet.

Political Party Animals – 11/24/2009 – 1/7/2010
“The Late 1800’s Were Right.” Sound like a good campaign slogan to you? Well, it does to Rupert Hornsby. He wants the world to revert back to “the good ol’ days” before labor laws stopped wealthy tycoons from being able to keep down the working force. His longing for this kind of backwards change lead him to attempt a run as a Presidential candidate for the Working Families Party. Krystine Markowitz, a member of this party (and a PTA president in her local school district), informed Rupert that he was a way off on where their ideologies lie. Aggrivated at Krystine’s beliefs, Rupert seeks out revenge in his own unique way — a way that ends up bringing him back to a place he never thought he’d return to…

The Open Road – 10/1/2009 – 11/19/2009
Eddie is a veteran trucker, with the mustache to prove it, who’s been in the business one hell of a long time. Mr. Miller, Eddie’s boss, recently informed him that he’ll be doing his next long haul from Miami to Seattle with Danny, the nerdy son of the trucking company’s President, riding shotgun. The two set off on a crazy adventure fueled by Danny’s desire to be a trucker, his love for buddy comedies, and Eddie’s hatred for him.

Team Deathray – 8/21/2009 – 9/30/2009
Scott is in quite the predicament. He is a competitive man, newly married to the love of his life, a hippie named Sunny, and forced to spend more time around her tree-hugging family as they all team-up to participate in a recreational beach volleyball league. Worried that his angry, hateful ways will cost him not only his marriage, but the 1st place trophy, Scott asks Sunny’s brother Philip for helpful hints on how to fit in better with the family. Will Philip’s hippie bootcamp help change Scott for the better, improve his marriage, and edge out a 1st place standing for their team? Or will everything wilt away like a 2-week old piece of arugula found under your favorite hemp sweater?

Eat My Dust – 7/30/2009 – 8/18/2009
Harold Callahan (Pen Name “Silly Sammy Saunders”) strives to be a children’s book author. He’s got a lot of self-proclaimed great ideas, which is why he’s taken to harassing the owner of Bridgewater Publishing Company, Mr. Elliott Bridgewater. Harold’s hundreds of past letters haven’t helped him get a book deal, but he’s confident this time. Both because of his latest book,Darryl Delamater and Dibby the Dust Bunny in: THE DAY OF DIGRESSION!, and because he’s taken up a new hobby: threatening people.

The Worst Disease Ever – 6/16/2009 – 7/28/2009
Something weird is happening to Steve Chirpinsberg. The man hates birds, but dammit…he’s turning into one. He saw some specialists, but they couldn’t help. They recommended he see Dr. William Chiribada III: an eccentric doctor whose practice is Diagnostic Anthropomorphism. Will the doctor’s renegade treatments and lifestyle help Steve become the man he once was? Or will they just piss him off until he’s stuck as the squakbox he’s changing into. Find out!

Grover is Gone! – 5/12/2009 – 6/11/2009
When Grover Conroy went missing from Camp Kerchoki, the North West’s premier summer excursion for teens of abnormally large size, camp counselor Chief Chesterfield did all he could: he wrote Estella and Leslie Conroy a nice letter informing them of such. Grover’s ex-marine mom floored it to the camp while Leslie, Grover’s dad, stayed home to take care of his cheese shop and continue writing Chief Chesterfield. Once Leslie started sensing that his wife was flirting with Chief Chesterfield, his attitude changed from mild to sharp. There’s only one solution this cheese monger saw fit to end his troubles: a TRI-BATTLE!

To Tile or Not to Tile – 3/24/2009 – 5/9/2009
Mack, a former protege’ in his brother’s tiling business, tries to contact his brother Steve after a falling out between them had sparked years of silence. Steve’s a hard-ass, but willing to listen to Mack’s plea to “bury the hatchet” and be his best man at his upcoming wedding. But before Mack can do any of his wedding crap, he’s gotta help Steve reclaim his rightful place as King of the tile industry by thwarting their longtime rival, Gaston Clutterbuck!

The Fox Trapper – 2/19/2009 – 3/19/2009
Wilbur, a lover of animals, misconstrued an ad for Fox Trapping, and is now stuck in the wilderness of the still-mostly-unsettled western bits of an earlier United States with a crew of men set on murdering Foxes rather than petting them. Upset, he writes back home to his dear lover, Eliza, who, in his departure, has been entertaining herself with her artwork, her new friends, and a steady supply of alcohol.

Peter & Andrew – 1/15/2009 – 2/17/2009
Andrew is a struggling poet trying to make his way out to California to become famous, world renown, and apparently rich. Peter is his closest friend and former roommate back in New York. Andrew makes a lot of bad decisions, and bad poems, which not only impede his journey, but piss off Peter.